5 Tips on How to Sell an Old Mercedes Car for a Decent Price

Giancarlo Perlas February 14, 2018

I know how attached you are to your old Mercedes car. I love my old auto too. You’ve poured time, money and energy into it. But now it’s time to sell it. How do you get the price you want?

Despite what you think the market for selling a junk car or an old Mercedes car is quite lucrative. You simply need the right tactics to fetch a good price. And here we’ll show you how.

1. It’s All About the Looks

What makes you notice a car? You have no idea what’s going on in the engine, but the shiny exterior makes you stop and take another look.

Now imagine your old or junk car. Old doesn’t have to mean dull. A proper wash and polish could be what you need to get the price you want. Whether you’re selling it yourself, using a trader or posting images online, your buyers will come when the impressive exterior promises a quality interior.

2. Do Your Research

But what happens when that first buyer views your car? Do you know what to say if he challenges your price?

Research about your car’s value and similar options on the market will give you the confidence to stick to a reasonable price.

Research is also vital if you plan on scrapping your car. You can sell the bulk, but find out which parts are valuable and can be sold off separately.

3. Be Realistic

Your asking price is important for two reasons:

  • Potential buyers will simply ignore your car if the price is too high. Many knowledgeable buyers browse the market for items the can buy and resell. But they know what a car is really worth. They’re reliable buyers, so make sure you attract their attention too.
  • You also need space to negotiate when talking to a potential buyer. Elevate your price slightly so you can drop it to accommodate an interested buyer.

Find the balance between impressing buyers with the price, while still getting enough out of the deal to make it worth your while.

4. Prepare the Papers

The car’s look will attract car enthusiasts. The engine and interior will impress interested parties. But the serious buyers want paperwork.

Make sure you have all registration papers on hand. If you waste time looking for papers or you can’t produce proof of alterations and history, they’ll move on to another deal. Serious buyers commit when they know they can trust the transaction. Make it effortless for them to trust you.

If you have everything on hand, the sale will also be confirmed sooner.

5. Consider Scrapping

How old is your car really? Isn’t it time you consider selling it as scrap metal? Here’s the benefit of this option. It’s effortless.

Companies such as JunkACar can make an offer and collect your car. You’ll get paid instantly. I know you love the vehicle you’ve had for years, but perhaps it’s time to accept it’s too old to salvage any further.


You can see it’s actually easy to get that bit of extra cash you need. Simply view the sale from the buyer’s perspective. Make it easy for him or her and you’ll have a deal. And when you realize there are no selling points, it’s time to surrender your car to the junk pile. It’s time for something new in your life. Ready to go car shopping?

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