What Makes a Mercedes-Benz Special?

Giancarlo Perlas November 14, 2017

When we think of Mercedes-Benz brand vehicles, we instantly conjure up images of the ideal automobile. But why is that? After all, Mercedes isn’t the only high-end carmaker around—there is no shortage of competitors like Audi and BMW.

So how did this brand become so synonymous with “the best” while all the rest seem to play second fiddle? What makes a Mercedes so special? Read on to find out.


Like the polo shirt or Chuck Taylor high-tops, a Mercedes seems to never go out of style. Owners of a 2005 Mercedes-Benz C-Class coupe, for example, are going to find their vehicle fitting seamlessly among the throngs of cars built five or even ten years later. In fact, it’s safe to say the ‘05 C-Class is still going to stand out. Go back even further, to the ‘85 C-Class, and you recognize a style which most folks today would consider classic. This is the life cycle of a Mercedes; it remains a modern work of art for decades until one day, seemingly overnight, it turns into a vintage icon.


The simple secret to what makes a quality automobile different from a more modest model vehicle is found in the manufacturing process. Simply put, Mercedes Benz parts are made and assembled under strict self-imposed standards. This low tolerance for deviation—the difference of millimeters in many cases—carries over to aftermarket Mercedes parts as well. The carmaker is determined to preserve its reputation for building the best, and succeeds because it refuses to dial back their manufacturing standards.


Mercedes parts that support safety standards are next to none. Crash test studies, anti-lock braking systems, and airbags are inherent elements of safe automobile design. They are also safety innovations originally developed by Mercedes-Benz. The company has led the way on making automobiles less dangerous since the mid-20th century, a position which continues with the development of the PRE-SAFE preventive safety systems installed in Mercedes vehicles since 2011, soon to be replaced by Mercedes parts that make up the new PRE-SAFE Pulse system.


As far as most people are concerned, the primary attribute of any Mercedes made vehicle is its level of luxury. From the top-notch interior Mercedes parts such as leather to the carpeting rivaling that of a Plaza Hotel suite, the splendor is exceptional at even the most basic level. From there, the bells and whistles of any given model year Mercedes-Benz will represent the forefront of that era; comparable brands weren’t rolling out those features for another year or so. Best of all, the materials and design of Mercedes luxury lends itself to longevity, remaining beautiful for years.


People forget Mercedes-Benz manufactures more than just luxury sedans, state-of-the-art sports cars, and high-roller SUVs. The company is also involved in commercial and true utility vehicle manufacturing as well, with the Sprinter shuttle and G-Wagon as examples of both respectively. The variety of the Mercedes fleet and the management of such an assortment of both unique and crossover Mercedes parts and components is not found anywhere else, at least to the same degree of performance and achievement.


Lastly, we arrive to the history of Mercedes-Benz, which surpasses all other motor vehicle brands. This is because the first true automobile as we define them today was designed by Karl Benz, one of the founding fathers of the Mercedes-Benz company. The automaker has, since the very beginning, been the premier innovator of the industry by being the first out of the gate. We won’t pretend Mercedes-Benz is responsible for every leap forward in automotive design, but no other carmaker can claim as many contributions to the industry.

The Mercedes-Benz company slogan is “the best or nothing”—a mantra the automaker lives up to with every vehicle they roll off the assembly line, including all the Mercedes parts they produce. This, ultimately, is what makes a Mercedes so special. It’s truly the best driving experience money can buy, all things considered.

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