Mercedes-Benz EV and Electric Car Charging Network for Business

Giancarlo Perlas November 6, 2017

Vehicles are one of the most important means of transportation. Whether private or public, vehicles are necessities of life. A car is not just a means of transportation; it is usually one of the most prized possessions of its owner because of its indispensable significance. It made more special if it is a Mercedes-Benz because of its luxurious make and it is something that is not easy to come by.

While the advent of technology which has improved over the years brought about the invention of the modern automobile by Karl Benz that needed fuel to run, the recent technological development has shown technological progression as cars have evolved from one dependent on liquid fuel to run to that which requires electrical charging, this kind of vehicle is called electrical vehicle.

Electric vehicles are alternative to air-polluting fuel-inclined vehicles. Today in many developed countries, the number of electric vehicles has tremendously increased. That is the reason why many automakers, especially Mercedes-Benz, are putting more effort in the development of EVs.

This is why charging network for business is important. Electric vehicles are built to require electric charging rather than fuel. Whether slow, fast or rapid, electric charging provides electric cars the energy needed to move from one place to another.

One of the important things that can get this new technology to function efficiently is a charging network for business. Without this, owners would be required to install chargers at home which would be limited to a short radius in the areas surrounding their home, this is why a viable business model is needed to ensure the smooth sail of this new technology as well as enable businesses profit from it.

A charging network for business can be run in several ways, while the goal of any business is to make profit, different businesses or organizations focus on achieving various distinct goals when offering charging network for electric vehicles. These include:

Revenue:  The sole aim of any business is to increase its revenue and decrease its expenses so as to enable profit, a charging network for business is a strategic means of making profit especially for amenities business such as restaurants.

Offering a charging network service for your business increases the flow of customers who want to use a public charger, by doing so, businesses also profit as many car owners tend to purchase the service of the business offering charging network, in a typical way, it is a form of advert and a way to draw people’s attention to your business.

Some charging network also demand a token sum from their customers in order to use the charging network, this is also a form of revenue that could cater for small expense in a business.

Advertising:  While charging network for business might not be for a direct charge of fee, it is also useful in other ways, some businesses use this as a strategy to increase their revenue from advertising fee.

Incentive for Employees: Charging network for business is also a perk for employees of all kinds of businesses. Many businesses offer a wide range of benefit to ensure their employees loyalty, providing a charging network for employees is part of these measures.

Customer Goodwill: Charging network for business can also be seen as an initiative to ensure the consistency of customers in a business, the prolonged presence of a customer in a business means the probability of more sales or profit, providing charging networks is one of those ways to increase customer consistency, as well as profitability.

Property Value: As a real estate agent or property manager, providing a charging network for business will definitely boost business and the value of a property. Offering or putting charging services in place will attract the interest of a potential buyer or tenant.

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