Top 8 Most Essential Spare Parts Catalog For Your Mercedes-Benz

Giancarlo Perlas September 22, 2017

One of the most cherished luxury in today’s scenario is the car, and one of the most dreamed about brand is Mercedes-Benz. With the passage of time the car has become more affordable and is now present in almost every home. Mercedes has also adjusted its pricing to be more competitive in the market while continuously improving its offers to them.

While buying a car, people consider their budget the first and then go in for other criteria for making the choice. Apart from brand, model and the color there is nothing that people consider, that is, the maintenance of the car.

One of the important sub-category that falls under the heading of maintenance of car is the availability of spare parts. Here, in the technocratic era, it is not difficult to buy a car but what is difficult is getting the spare part in case you require any. Sooner or later there arise a need to look for the spare part of the car for many reasons.

Many of you might be aware though many might be wandering what all spare parts can we need. You therefore need to have a look at the spare parts catalog.

Here is a list of top 8 most essential spare parts for your Mercedes-Benz.

1. Air Conditioning / Heater

Under this major we have many parts that are important for the working of a car. These include the spare parts like cabin air filter, AC compressor and condenser. In addition to these, you have  expansion valve, heater, and V-belts

2. Body

The body of the car comprises of several parts that include bonnet, door, engine cover, frame, mirrors, panels, windows and windshield.

3. Brakes

Next come the brakes. These are broadly categorized as brake hydraulics /hoses, disc brake, drum brake and hand brake. These include brake booster, brake master cylinder, vacuum pump, brake in the former category. Brake caliper, front brake disc, rear brake disc, front brake pads, rear brake pads in the second category. Others include brake shoes and wheel brake cylinder.

4. Electric Components & Lights

These include alternator components like alternator , V-belt  and V-belt pulley. Additionally, other spare parts are battery, control units, fuses, horn, communication system and lights. Then comes security system, sensors, spark, starter motor, switches and windscreen cleaning parts

5. Engine

Here you require the air supply via air filter and turbocharger, belt/chain drive, cooling, cylinder Block, cylinder head, engine electric and gaskets/seals. Also, you need ignition, lubrication, Mountings, sensors and starter

6. Exhaust System

Emission control systems, exhaust manifold , exhaust pipe , Exhaust System Complete , Lambda Sensor and muffler/silencer fall under this one.

7. Fuel Supply System

Carburetor system, fuel filter, fuel pump, fuel tank/lines  and injection system are the highlights.

8. Interior

This one includes all the spare parts that have not been mentioned above. These are the accessories, controls, dashboard, lubricants, maintenance/service parts, belt, brakes, bulbs and filters. Also, these include brake fluid, coolant, steering, steering pump and suspension. Last but not least, compressed air system, shock absorber springs, stabilizer components, suspension links, axles/shafts, drive shaft, clutch, differential, oil pump, transmission and trims.

All in all, this is the most essential spare parts catalog. You must have a basic knowhow of all these spare parts.

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