Mercedes-Benz Sales Remain at Record-Breaking Levels for August

Giancarlo Perlas September 6, 2017

The August 2017 Mercedes-Benz sales may not have a double-digit growth like in July, but the three-pointed star brand managed to surpass August 2016’s record by 9 percent. The luxury car maker sold 170,341 vehicles worldwide in the month that just ended.

According to Daimler, Mercedes sales for the past four and a half years have been record-breaking. The streak remained unbroken up to last month.

Including the smart brand, Mercedes-Benz Cars sold 178,052 units globally in August. The smart sales also got up a bit by 1 percent to 7,711 units on a year-on-year comparison.

The premium division of Mercedes already delivered a total of 1,496,406 units to customers from January to August of 2017. The numbers translate to a 12 percent increase compared to the same period of 2016. Counting the smart cars, Mercedes-Benz Cars already reached the 1,584,259 threshold from January to August of 2017. The figures were up by 11.7 percent when looking at the same duration of last year.

A strong demand in the SUV and dream cars of Mercedes was observed in August. Demand for Mercedes SUVs spiked to 13.8 percent while the demand for dream cars like the coupes, cabriolets and roadsters reached 20.1 percent.

It should be noted that the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Saloon was launched in the European market during the month of August. Putting the same month of last year’s record with the one last month, we can see that the demand for the flagship car of the brand went up by 35 percent. The sales of the S-Class saloon is expected to remain strong with the upcoming roll out of the car in the Chinese and U.S. market this month.

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