15 Cool Mercedes-Benz Facts You Probably Did Not Know About

Giancarlo Perlas August 17, 2017

Mercedes-Benz is no stranger to innovation, that is the reason why it has remained dominant since the brand’s inception. Recently, made a video in YouTube about the 15 cool Mercedes-Benz facts that many people most probably did not know about.

In a nutshell, here are the key Mercedes-Benz facts presented in the video:

  1. Karl Benz invented the modern automobile. He patented the Motorwagen in 1886. His work was funded by his soon-to-be-wife Bertha Ringer.
  2. Mercedes is actually based on the child of Austrian diplomat and racing enthusiast, Emil Jellinek. The name was trademarked in 1902.
  3. Bertha Ringer Benz was the first person to take on a road trip in a modern automobile. She drove the car for over 130 miles roundtrip with her sons.
  4. The special partnership of Mercedes-Benz with Kempinski Hotels allows their guests to drive the Mercedes-AMG GT S along the surrounding mountainside roads during their stay. The hotel also uses the S-Class and G-Class to provide shuttle services to their customers.
  5. The most expensive car bearing the three-pointed star logo is the Mercedes-Maybach S650 Cabriolet. Its production is only limited to 300 units.
  6. The partnership of Mercedes-Benz with select high-end hotels offer their drivers special perks like extra credits, meals, spa packages, discounts and more.
  7. The three-pointed star logo represents the land, air and water. Mercedes once contemplated adding a fourth point to represent space.
  8. Karl Benz availed the first ever driver’s license.
  9. The S-Class offers a fragrancing system.
  10. The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG has a safety feature that makes its gullwing door hinges explode.
  11. The Mercedes-Benz Popemobile was the favorite of Pope Benedict XVI.
  12. Mercedes has a self-driving semi-truck.
  13. Nepal’s first car was a Mercedes, which was a gift of Adolf Hitler to its king in 1940.
  14. Swiss businessman Ueli Anliker’s “Red Gold Dream” Mercedes McLaren SLR is worth around $10 million.
  15. The 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196 is the third most expensive car sold at auction. It was sold for around $30 million in 2016.

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