Exploring The Benefits Of Fog Lights For A Mercedes-Benz Car

Giancarlo Perlas May 25, 2017


You would truly be surprised at the number of drivers out there that don’t really understand the true purpose of fog lamps in Mercedes-Benz cars. In fact, most people think that LED fog lights only look cool and are designed to assist drivers in foggy driving conditions.

While it is true that LED fog lights do look cool and they do assist when it is foggy outside, they were designed with one true purpose in mind. That purpose is to assist drivers when the atmosphere in front of them becomes highly reflective. For instance, there are some situations when fog, rain, and snow can become so reflective that it will cause your vehicle’s headlights to just blare back into your eyes.

When you click on the high beam, it only makes the situation worse, because you now have a brighter, more intense beam blaring in your eyes. However, if you drive a Mercedes-Benz car, this is where a LED fog light bar can come in handy. Due to the fact that these light are mounted below your headlights and lower to the ground, they produce a much wider, but shorter beam. This prevents the lights from reflecting so much light back into your eyes.

Properly Using Your Mercedes-Benz LED Fog Lights Bar

With all that being said, this is where the confusion really sets in for most people. When put into a situation where a light is blaring back into their eyes, most people will turn on their fog lights while leaving their headlights active. This really provides the driver with no benefit whatsoever. What you want to do is, switch down your headlights, so that only the side marker lights are on then turn on the fog lights. Sure the situation sounds scary and illegal, but there will be plenty of light provided to see where you are going. The only difference is that all the light we now be shifted towards the ground, so it will be a bit different than what you are used to, and the side marker lights will alert your presence to other vehicles.

Distinguishing LED Driving Light From Fog Lights

Another major problem that drivers experience is determining the difference between driving lights and a fog light. It is imperative that you understand the difference, because it could prevent an accident. On a Mercedes-Benz car, driving lights are usually mounted at the same height as your factory headlights. However, on some other vehicles, driving lights can actually be mounted above the headlights. The purpose of driving lights is to provide extra illumination is certain situations. They are usually designed to illuminate the sides of the road, so driving lights will have a different lens than your factory headlights.

Clicking on your driving lights during a reflective condition as described above will not provide you with any better results than using your bright beams. Fog lights are always mounted below the factory headlights near the bottom of the car. Some vehicles even have fog light installed on both the front and back of the car.

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