Top 3 Kinds of Mercedes Lease that You Can Choose From

Giancarlo Perlas April 4, 2017

mercedes lease

Mercedes-Benz successfully evolved over the years from its identity as an old man’s car brand and only for ultra-rich individuals. In this decade, the automaker has expanded its reach to younger customers and first-time car owners thanks to its continuously improving product offensive and the presence of Mercedes lease.

Owning a Mercedes is no longer just a dream for many thanks to the flexible payment options offered by different car lease providers. For first-time buyers, having an idea of the 3 best Mercedes lease to choose from can be an advantage.

Here are the top 3 Mercedes lease choices for buyers:

1. Standard Loan

These are usually availed from banks and credit unions wherein the said financial institutions hand out the money to the customer, which will be used to buy the car. It can be a secured or unsecured lease with the latter having a higher interest rate. The car already serves as the security so the fixed or variable interest rates tend to be low.

2. Finance Lease

The financier here buys the car and hands it over to the motorist for business purposes. The financier leases the vehicle to the client with a fixed rate in a form of a monthly rental for a certain duration. The lessee is responsible for the maintenance of the auto. But at the end of the lease period, the motorist is given a choice to refinance, sell, return or buy the car for significantly less than its original value.

3. Novated Lease

The car is leased to a business  on behalf of its employee. Then the lease is paid partially via a series of salary deductions to employee. In the event that the employee is terminated from work and the lease still exists, he or she resumes the payment.

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