6 Ways To Prepare Your Mercedes-Benz For An Upcoming Vacation

Giancarlo Perlas April 21, 2017


Summer is just around the corner and with only a few months to go, it may be time to consider preparing your Mercedes-Benz for road trips. If your family is like most families, you probably spend every summer weekend traveling. While this is wonderful, it can be detrimental to your vehicle, which is why it is crucial to get it prepared in advance.

Below, you will discover several tips on how to prepare your Mercedes for an upcoming vacation:

1. Change Motor Oil And Filter

If you plan on traveling throughout the summer season, you will need to change the motor oil in your vehicle. If you travel over 1,500 miles, you will need to change it again accordingly. However, it is crucial to change the oil and replace the oil filter, before you start out on a long road trip.

It is also a great idea to routinely check the oil level throughout your trip. The best way to do this so you do not forget is check the oil level every time you fill up your gas tank. Be sure to keep a couple quarts of motor oil on-hand and a funnel, so you can make the necessary adjustments with ease.

2. Check The Tires

Your vehicle’s tires take more abuse than any other component, except maybe the engine. However, it is essential to check the tires, before you set out on your vacation. If you detect any worn or bald spots, you will need to have the tire replaced. This can be a little hectic, because many auto garages are generally backed up, so schedule an appointment early. It may be in your best interest to change the opposite tire, because this will help keep the vehicle operating smoothly. Most people will either change the two front or two rear tires, if they do not change all four of them.

Once you have the tires replaced, you will need to continue monitoring the air level throughout your trip. Again, you can follow the same routine as your oil levels, just go ahead and check the air level at the same time. This will help save you some time and prevent you from needing to may any additional stops, which would only slow down your traveling progress.

3. Check The Transmission Fluid

Along with the oil level, you will also need to monitor the transmission, brake and power steering fluids. These fluids will not be as important as the oil, but they are also necessary for a smooth and efficient operation. Just check all of the fluids at the same time, so you do not have to worry about your vehicle breaking down on the open highway.

4. Air Filter

Most people do not change their air filter often enough. In fact, many people tend to ignore it. However, before you set out on your trip, be sure to check the air filter. If the filter is dirty you will need to replace it, because a clogged filter will alter the efficiency of your vehicle. An auto air filter is generally very affordable, so it may be in your and your vehicle’s best interest to just go ahead and replace it.

5. 24-Hour Road Protection

Just because you spent hours preparing your vehicle for a long road trip, does not necessary mean that it will not malfunction at some point. In fact, anything could happen while you are traveling on an interstate, especially if you are going to be driving for long distances. For this reason, you should consider signing up for 24-hour road protection.

There are many insurers that provide this service for an affordable annual premium. For $99, you will receive tire replacement, battery boosts, auto towing and other services for an entire year. Most companies provide consumers with several package options to choose from, plus you may be able to buy coverage for just your vacation.

6. Rent A Car Instead

If you do not want to be bothered with all of the above tasks, you may want to consider renting a vehicle from Apex luxury car hire office in Marbella. You will receive a vehicle that is in great condition, insurance coverage and other services for only one price. The company may also be willing to transport the rental vehicle to the airport, so it will there waiting for you when you land.

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