3 Automotive Revolutions Made by Mercedes-Benz

Giancarlo Perlas December 12, 2016

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The most common name in the dream cars list of an individual is Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz is a huge brand in automobile industry. The name itself is enough to explain what a perfect car it is.

Mercedes-Benz is a German company, which is renowned for making luxury cars. Karl Benz was the name behind Mercedes. Karl Benz’s first car was Benz Patent Motorwagen, which was a petrol-powred car. Mercedes has been showing its wonders in the world of automobiles since 1926 and now it is a desire for everyone. Be it the interiors, the exteriors or the technology, Mercedes-Benz is simply astonishing.

Innovations and uniqueness have been a top priority for this brand. Mercedes-Benz has been surprising the customers with the latest automobile technologies and innovations incorporated in their products. Custom essay services may become helpful in your research on the topic.

Here are 3 the most distinctive automotive inventions, Mercedes-Benz is responsible for. Certainly, these inventions helped Mercedes to be a class apart brand in automobile industry.

1. Internal Combustion Engines


Heart for the human body is as same as engine of the car. As the body is judged by its healthy heart and a car is certainly judged by its engine. The most famous internal combustion engine was invented by Karl Benz in 1886. Karl Benz, a German engineer, was greatly passionate about mechanical things. It was only his innovative mind that produced the first three-wheeled Motorwagen powered by the first practical IC engine. Ever since then, Mercedes has been a front-runner in car engine technology.

Started with single-cylinder 2-stroke engine and moving to 4-stroke engine was probably the first milestone for Karl Benz. Later he came up with the unique idea of IC engine and technology for using it practically in a car. Today, the fastest car making companies are grateful to Karl Benz for his pioneer invention.

Next time you get into your car and hear the engine noise, you will definitely remember the man behind it.

2. 4-Wheel Independent Suspension


Comfortable ride is the prime motive for anyone who is sitting behind a driving wheel. Mercedes-Benz is the key contributor of comfort. There was a time when cars used to come with a single suspension system for all 4 wheels. This was the main reason of discomfort on uneven roads. Mercedes took a responsibility to fix this issue with its great and innovative minds.

In the year 1931, Mercedes came up with the idea of 4-wheel independent suspension where every wheel had a dedicated suspension system. This allowed cars to be more balanced on uneven roads. With this great innovation, cars nowadays have stable rides.

No matter what road or surface you are driving on. Every tire of your car will behave independently with its own suspension system and will provide an amazing stability to your car. If you are amazed with this innovation, you must give credit to Mercedes-Benz for introducing it in the automobile industry.

3. Antilock Braking System


Another basic and fundamental feature in modern cars is ABS (Antilock Braking system). This feature is sometimes called Anti-Skid Braking system as well. Mercedes realized the problem of losing control over wheels while applying brakes. This caused some serious accidents in early age because losing control over wheels after applying brakes resulted in a skid.

The very first generation of ABS was introduced in 1970, which was developed with the assistance of TELDIX. This was a great product and innovation, which needed a support to get into standard production.

Mercedes-Benz came up with the second generation of ABS in August 1978. They worked innovatively and very hard together with Bosch to achieve this milestone. This influential innovation in automobile industry enables drivers to have a great control over wheels and apparently over the entire vehicle when using brakes. Since then, Mercedes never looked back.

The company has been delivering great innovations in terms of ABS and improving the control over wheels in every kind of situations. So next time you apply brakes in your car, be thankful for this innovation by Mercedes-Benz.

A classy brand name with great technical innovations, that is what Mercedes is known for. If you are a car lover and a technology-oriented individual then Mercedes-Benz should be your pick. Mercedes-Benz is the perfect blend of mechanics and technology.

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