Santa Claus Gets a New Ride This Christmas

Giancarlo Perlas November 17, 2016

Mercedes-AMG GT

Santa Claus really has a lot of tricks under his sleeve. How else could he deliver the presents on time every Christmas? A new Winter Event commercial from Mercedes-Benz reveals Jolly Old St. Nick’s mode of transport this coming holiday season.

The new video of Mercedes titled “Switcheroo” features our legendary Santa Claus and the Mercedes-AMG GT. It starts with Santa waving goodbye to his elves to deliver his presents to all kids worldwide as the clock strikes 12.

As he enters a room and the door closes behind him, he approaches his sled. Instead of riding his traditional magical mode of transport, he pulls a level that switches it into a shiny red Mercedes-AMG GT.

The short video ends with Santa riding into the night in his AMG GT escorted by a fleet of Mercedes-AMG SUVs.

So we have another Christmas product placement again here starring Santa and a Mercedes car. Overall, the video is nice. The red Mercedes-AMG GT is definitely a sight to behold as well as the SUVs in front of it along the road.

There is just a bit of inconsistency here. Santa appears to be driving at full speed with his AMG GT. After all, he is rushing to meet the deadline, right? However, why are the SUVs, which are also at full speed, ahead of the AMG GT?

On the second thought, the video features a fictional character and setting, so forget my silly observation and just enjoy the video.

Santa Claus and the Mercedes-AMG GT Video

You can watch the new Mercedes-Benz Winter Event commercial below:

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