4 Easy Tips On How To Keep Your Mercedes-Benz Car Looking Brand New

Giancarlo Perlas November 15, 2016


A new Mercedes-Benz car can cost anywhere around $30,000 or more, which means it will be one of your most valued possessions. Spending so much on your new vehicle, will probably limit your budget for at least five years.

With all of this said, it is crucial to devise a maintenance plan as soon as you sign on the dotted line. The plan should include tasks that will keep the car’s exterior and interior looking brand new, even if you drive it every day. Below, you will discover several tips that will help get your started devising your plan.

1. Monthly Wax

mercedes-benz wax

Car waxing should be part of this plan, because it will play a huge role in keeping the paintwork gleaming. Many individuals will take their Mercedes-Benz car to a licensed auto detailer to have this task completed. However, you can save your money and do it from the comfort of your own home. When utilizing car wax, be careful when choosing a specific brand. There are many brands on the market that contain ingredients that may be harmful to your car’s exterior. Do your research on each option and definitely take the time to read the customer reviews, before making an investment.

2. Avoid Trees

mercedes-benz parking

As much as you would like to park your shiny new vehicle in the shade, you should avoid parking underneath trees at all costs. Falling leaves and debris can damage the car’s paintwork and if these materials remain their too long, it can potentially alter the color. Also, there may be a couple of bird nests in the tree. Bird droppings can stain the paintwork, leaving you with a mess.

3. Don’t Park In The Sun

mercedes garage

Although the sun is a wonderful thing, you should remember that it can actually ruin your vehicle’s interior. Over a period of time, the sun will begin to take a toll and will wrap the appearance of your vehicle’s dashboard and other items. It is generally best to avoid parking your vehicle directly in the sun, but this isn’t always possible. Using a sun visor of sorts will help with this. And of course, you should always try to park your vehicle in the garage when you’re at home. Alternatively, you may want to consider investing in one of the latest car covers. This will slip over the entire vehicle easily and will keep the sun out.

4. Seat Covers

mercedes seat cover

Another thing to remember is that your seats will take a great deal of abuse. Twisting, turning and getting in and out of the seat will eventually begin to wear it out. In addition, if you eat in the vehicle, it is highly likely that you’ll split something eventually and this can make your seats a filthy mess. This is why it is absolutely essential to protect your seats with seat covers. Seat covers are incredibly affordable and they’ll help beautify your Mercedes-Benz car, while also keeping your seats clean and safe.


All in all, it is essential to remember to protect your vehicle, in order to maintain its value and appearance. Be patient and clean your car regularly. Remember to implement the tips above and your car’s interior will remain immaculate for many years to come.

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