Perfect Pairing With The Mercedes-Benz Engine Oil

Giancarlo Perlas June 8, 2016

Anyone who has ever own a car knows the engine oil is no laughing matter. Choosing the best possible engine oil for your car is a matter of life and death. Not for you, of course, but for your beloved machine.

The genuine Mercedes-Benz engine oil can outlast and outperform other high-performance engine oils, especially when paired with a Merc. It easily drives away common car problems such as cold starts, cold weather and even speed limits.

The Mercedes engine oil promises short penetration time for lubrication after a cold start. It also warms up the engine faster even in the coldest of weather. No need to leave your cars be as the engine tries to warm up. And the best part? The Merc assures you can reach speed limits without having to worry if the car can perform beyond its normal capability.

Its use of the finest base oil and additives ensure you’re using minimum friction for maximum power. In the long run, a car powered by Mercedes-Benz’s engine oil can outlast any other car on the road.

Not only that, a high performance engine oil such as this means clean engine, lower fuel consumption, longer engine life, and lower emissions compared to other cars. Shelling out a bit more for this engine oil over standard engine oils means a saving up that cash in the long run.

After all, if you’re taking better care of your life, then the need to repair and replace it would also stretch out, giving you enough time to save up for your next dream car.

And if you need something extra special, there’s also the AMG high performance engine oil.

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