Experience the Mercedes-Benz E-Class in a 360-Degree Video

Giancarlo Perlas May 21, 2016

mercedes-benz e-class

Just when you think you’ve seen them all, Mercedes-Benz comes out with this 360-degree video of its new E-Class series. The video allows us to see through YouTube the experience of driving the E-Class. For this particular video, the E-Class took us through the streets of Lisbon and the magnificent Portuguese coastline.

At first look, navigating the video seems quite confusing. Even if you put it on pause, you can see the camera moving ever so slightly with every turn you make with your phone, making you realize it is actually using the angle of your camera phone. Pretty spectacular, right?

You can view the video from two angles—your point of view and the normal third-person view where you’ll see a woman driving the car around. And if you’re using the YouTube app on your iOS (not sure if it’s the same on a tablet or laptop), you can opt to have a two-window view. We’re not sure exactly what to make of that since, at least in our experience, it basically splits my small iPhone 6S Plus screen into two parts showing the same video.

The video is accompanied by an upbeat song that basically lures you to dance your worries away with the E-Class series. It cuts back and forth from the view of the woman driving through the streets of Lisbon to the car being parked along the Portuguese coastline.

The coolest thing about the video, though, is your power to view the insides of the car itself. By simply moving your phone from left to right and from top to bottom, you get an almost too-real experience of what being inside an E-Class series car feels like.

You can get a full-blast enjoyment from seeing the all-leather premium seats and advance infotainment system. You’ll even get a knack from viewing the sunroof, which actually makes you feel like the Lisbon sun is shining straight at you.

The E-Class has received positive reviews because of its distinct design and elegant high-grade interiors. But more than that, the E-Class also signifies the world launching of some technological innovation that we will be seeing in future cars.

The E-Class comes complete with infotainment and control systems that offer the full experience.

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