Gold-Digger Spotted: Girl Caught in Mercedes SLS AMG Prank

Giancarlo Perlas March 8, 2016

mercedes sls amg

A girl has to do what she’s got to do to earn a living and make herself financially secure. However, there are many who would not pass up the opportunity to take the short cut to striking it rich—like dating or marrying a ridiculously rich guy.

Well, it’s hard to judge people even if they have been branded as gold diggers, because they probably have a good reason of doing that. But then again, these kinds of chics just leave a bitter taste in the mouth of guys.

The video uploaded by comedian and prankster Josh Paler Lin in his YouTube channel shows us how a snobbish girl can go head over heels with a guy, especially when a Mercedes SLS AMG comes in the picture.

The video starts with Lin walking around in his cozy pajamas complete with a goofy-looking cap. Then he pretends to be the new guy in the place and asks some sassy chic to hang out with him. He was rejected by the girl outright who says she already has a boyfriend. After that, Lin walks away.

Next comes a guy driving the mighty Mercedes SLS AMG. He appears to be elegantly dressed in a suit. He asks the girl if he could join her, and she eagerly accommodates him. He even asks her if she already has a boyfriend to which she replied in the negative. The guy in a suit proceeds to invite her for a drink for the night and she agrees.

The Twist

The dapper gentleman later reveals he is only meeting his boss, who turns out to be Lin. The guy also gives the key of the SLS to his boss, who turns out to be its owner, and he helps him put on his jacket.

The sassy chic looks stunned as she watches the whole thing unravel. Following that, she magically becomes so interested in Lin and ignores the other man completely. She shows up her true colors and the tides shift. She asks Lin out and even tells him that she is not serious with her boyfriend.

Lin gets even like a boss by rejecting her this time and both gentlemen ride away in the beautiful Mercedes SLS AMG. End of story.

Mercedes SLS AMG Prank Video

Check out the video below to watch the whole prank:

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