The Tech Goodies One Can Expect From 2017 Mercedes-Benz E-Class

Giancarlo Perlas July 7, 2015
mercedes-benz e-class spy photo

A spy photo of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

The Mercedes-Benz E-Class may be a notch below the S-Class in terms of overall features. But a new report suggests the 2017 model of the car might overshadow the flagship unit of the three-pointed star brand when it comes to technological elements.

Here are the key tech updates you can expect from the mid-range sedan of Mercedes-Benz in the near future according to Autoblog:

Park Pilot

The feature provides a remote control parking using a smartphone without the driver staying inside the car. This is useful if the space is too tight for the driver to open the doors when parked.

Improved Multibeam Adaptive Light System

The headlights of the car have been embedded with a chip consisting 84-LED for better road illumination. It adjusts depending on certain traffic conditions. This is a big leap from the 24-LED technology found on the CLS. The taillights also feature a system that adjusts its glare depending on the lighting conditions present within the vicinity of the car. For example, the brightness of the taillights are at 100% during the day but are reduced at 80% when driving at night and down to 60% percent when at a stop.

Integrated Car-to-X Technology

Mercedes-Benz already offers the Car-to-X or Vehicle-to-X optional feature for the European A-Class that allows a smart communication between automobiles. It offers fast reporting of traffic conditions through the infotainment system of the vehicle equipped with it. Instead of coming as an optional add-on, the E-Class will fully-integrate the technology within its system.

Speed Limit Pilot and Enhanced Active Braking Assist

This combines the Distronic Adaptive Cruise Control and Speed Limit Information. It lets the E-Class simply follow the car directly in front of it while maintaining a certain distance, speed, and keeping tabs on the lane markers on the road. The sensors of the Active Braking Assist function is enhanced to allow cross-traffic alert function. In addition to the old automatic-braking feature of the car, it offers scanning of multiple lanes for the car to have a better assessment of the conditions that require braking sooner.

Evasive Steering Assist

evasive steering
If there is an incoming obstruction or pedestrian along the way and the driver chooses to steer clear of it instead of letting the car’s auto-brake function to come into play, the Evasive Steering Assist is activated. It works by either putting more steering input to aid the driver avoid danger or it lessens the input to ensure stability when the driver puts too much steering.

Improved Seatbelt

The beltbag or the seatbelt airbag is no longer new in the automotive scene. But this is enhanced in the E-Class to provide more comfort when the seatbelt is worn normally by its occupants and when its seatbelt airbag function is triggered.

Pre-Safe Impulse Side

This one allows the car seats to shift the position of its occupants in the event of a side collision. It makes use of simple airbags integrated in the seats to position the occupants accordingly to lessen the effects of impact’s force.

Pre-Safe Sound

The feature minimizes the chances of the occupants of the car from incurring hearing damage due to a loud noise upon a collision to another object.

Smartphone Locking


Using a near field communications or NFC-enabled smartphone, the driver no longer needs a key to lock and unlock the E-Class. All the person needs to do is to tap the mobile device to the door handle to operate such functions.

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