AMG GT-Inspired Rotwild GT S Unveiled By Rotwild And Mercedes

Peter Parcon April 5, 2015

AMG GT-Inspired Rotwild GT S Unveiled By Rotwild And Mercedes

The Rotwild GT S mountain bike is the second project made in collaboration between Rotwild and Mercedes-AMG, as shown on a report from The latest mountain bike project is a fitting follow-up to the full-suspension carbon fiber MTB created by the Rotwild and Mercedes-AMG around two years ago.

The latest product takes its inspiration from the Mercedes-AMG GT as it brings together the latest racing technology of both two-wheeled and four-wheeled vehicles. It combines lightweight construction, comfort, design, and dynamism.

Production of the new Rotwild MTB is limited to 100 units. It is designed to go through the most extreme off-road situations. The professional athletes of the AMG Rotwild MTB racing team provided feedback when the MTB was developed.

The Rotwild GT S mountain bike represents the union of the automobile and bicycle industries, which is currently being practiced by a number of automobile companies. Automobiles companies that have made some innovations in the bicycle industry include Volvo and Audi. Volvo produced a glow-in-the-dark paint designed for bicycles, while Audi released its own two-wheel racer recently.

The Rotwild GT S mountain bike will have a price tag of around 10,000 euros or around $11,000. Due to this, it is not designed for ordinary MTB users. It brings together a highly-sophisticated suspension technology with high-performance materials and a distinctive design.

The design of the frame of the MTB takes into consideration suspension comfort and the use of lightweight materials. The use of EPS Innermold Technology and Carbon Module Monocoque Technology enhances the features and performance of the high-modulus carbon fiber material of the MTB. The Formula 33 Factory front fork properties were also used in producing the MTB, as it combines optimal strength with light weight.

A pair of 29-inch carbon fiber wheels, which were designed to maintain a low rotating mass, completes the look. The design of the wheels allows it to focus mass around the wheel hub, which enhances braking and acceleration. The paintwork on the MTB was also inspired by the AMG GT as it features a similar contrasting carbon black and solar beam color theme. The Rotwild GT S mountain bike is expected to be officially released into the market by May.

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