Video: Renntech Mercedes E63 AMG Vs Lamborghini Huracan

Giancarlo Perlas February 20, 2015

mercedes e63 amg vs huracan

What happens when you pit the Mercedes E63 AMG vs. the Lamborghini Huracan in a drag race? The Merc is definitely bound to be a no match for the supercar. The likely scenario would have the Mercedes driver staring at the Huracan’s rear as it feeds his car dust on the highway.

However, what if Renntech, the famous tuning company, would get a hold of the E63 AMG? The story would probably take a different turn, and the Merc might stand a chance. Some might find it impossible for the Mercedes to even put up a close fight with the Huracan, but the video below will tell another story.

Watch the video here before scrolling down for the full story, so as not to spoil the fun.

Results (Spoiler Alert)

Surprisingly, the Renntech Mercedes E63 AMG left the Lamborghini Huracan behind in the race. How did the Mercedes possibly defeat a car with a 610 hp output in its stock configuration?

Based on the information provided in video, the tuner raised the output of the E63 AMG to reach up to 850 hp. It was achieved through its VIP Stage package. The resulting maximum speed of the car as seen in the clip was a monstrous 320 km/h. Therefore, the Huracan was probably a second behind the Renntech-tuned E63 AMG during the race.

Another exciting thing to note about the Mercedes E63 AMG in here was that it’s heavier than the supercar because it was a sedan. A sedan beating a supercar is not something you can see everyday. That’s an evidence that Renntech really does a great job.

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