LG and Mercedes Partner to Develop a Stereo Camera System

Giancarlo Perlas December 26, 2014
mercedes driverless car concept

The driverless car interior concept by Mercedes.

On Christmas morning, LG and Mercedes announced a new venture. According to The Verge, the giant automaker and the electronics corporation forged a partnership that aims to revolutionize the way we drive our cars in the future.

Ironically, the future of driving does not involve much driving at all since the two companies are planning to automate everything in our cars, and their new project is claimed to be the first step towards the realization of their common goal.

Based from the source, they are presently talking about co-developing a stereo camera system to be used in future autonomous vehicles. The new system of LG and Mercedes would provide the core components that will eventually lead to the production of a self-aware car. By self-aware, we mean the burden of driving would no longer trouble the vehicle owner or driver.

It should be noted that Mercedes already revealed some concept vehicles featuring autonomous driving features. The latest breakthrough of Mercedes in the self driving niche is the Future Truck 2025. Some automated traits have also been displayed by cars of the brand dating back a couple of years ago like the Parking Assist, Collision Prevention Assist, Brake Assist Plus, and more.

With LG in the picture, Mercedes would not only ramp up its R&D of autonomous vehicles. It might even come up with something better than its competition.

Currently, Google and Audi are said to be leading the race in the development of autonomous vehicles. However, the merging of the minds of the two globally recognized brands might swing the tide in the three-pointed star’s favor later.

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