Video: Testing an Armored Mercedes-Benz GL Using an AK-47

Giancarlo Perlas November 15, 2014

mercedes-benz gl vs ak-47

There are a lot of people who overly hype their products, but they themselves have no trust in them. For example, we see a lot of marketers promoting beauty products on TV, but in reality, they do not even use the ones they are selling. However, this video that you are about to see will show you how much Texas Armoring Corporation (TAC) believes in its work that its CEO personally got himself behind the steering wheel of one of their armored Mercedes-Benz GL to test whether it is indeed bulletproof.

Trent Kimball, the president and CEO of the company, recently decided to get behind the steering wheel of their armored Mercedes-Benz GL, to demonstrate the quality of their work. Of course, since we are talking about armored vehicle testing here, the presentation is not merely about test-driving a luxury SUV. Instead, it involves getting shot at by a guy with an AK-47 just to prove a point.

Check out the actual test below and see if the CEO of TAC survives the demo:

As seen in the video, the bullet from the AK-47 that was shot from approximately 20 yards away failed to penetrate through the glass of the Mercedes-Benz GL. The chief of the company even delivered a quick line coolly after the shooting.

It should be noticed though that the shooter was very careful not to hit the same spot twice as it would increase the tendency of the glass to give in and be penetrated by bullets. In real life, it is likely that the shooter will concentrate on a spot until the intended target is dealt with. Despite that, the overall presentation of the company is impressive due to the fact that the CEO himself had the balls to be the test dummy in the video.

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