Mercedes-Benz Surf Boards Developed For Garrett McNamara

Peter Parcon October 31, 2014

Mercedes-Benz Surf Boards Developed For Garrett McNamara

Mercedes-Benz collaborated with Corticeira Amorim and Polen Surfboards in creating a Mercedes-Benz surf board under the MBoard project designed mainly using Portuguese cork, according to a report from The surf board was designed primarily for the Hawaiian daredevil, Garrett McNamara.

The Mercedes-Benz surf board for the professional surfer was developed as part of the MBoard project that was announced a year earlier. The project already saw the development of four similar surf boards that were dubbed as “The Silver Arrow of the Seas.” McNamara is set to face the winter giants of Nazaré using the “MBoard 2.0.”

McNamara said cork is known for its flexibility and high durability, which make surf boards made of cork strong enough to withstand the force of huge waves. He added that it is ideal to use cork made in Portugal since it is the biggest producer of cork in the world. Due to this, surf boards made from Portugal cork are high-performance boards that can ride the renowned waves along the Nazaré coast.

While Mercedes-Benz did not provide any additional statements about the surf board, the luxury vehicle manufacturer did confirm that the surf board was based on a board that allowed McNamara to hit speeds of 62.4 km/h or 38.7 mph when he hit the waves in Nazaré last year.

In addition to allowing McNamara to reach a remarkable speed, the surf board used by the 47-year-old Hawaiian native in 2013 also featured an integrated telemetry system.

McNamara considers the Mercedes-Benz surf boards to as the standard of technology when it comes to surfing giant waves. He said they are prepared to test the power of Nature, and the next goal is to deal with 100-foot waves. The three companies worked together in developing the Mercedes-Benz surf board that has a perfect balance in terms of flexibility, weight, and speed while providing McNamara with the capability of dealing with formidable waves along the Nazaré Canyon.

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