Converted 1971 Mercedes-Benz 220D Available In The Market

Peter Parcon September 24, 2014

Converted 1971 Mercedes-Benz 220D Available In The Market

The Mercedes-Benz 220D was once a sleek sedan featuring a 60HP engine. A recent report from showed a 1971 model of the 220D available for sale. However, it is not just a typical 220D since it was converted into a commercial pickup. Aside from being converted from a sedan into a pickup, the engine of the converted 220D was also changed. The vehicle now sports a V8 engine from Lexus.

Although the 220D was listed under Sedgefield Classic Cars of the United Kingdom, it is currently located in South Africa. The conversion of the sedan into the pickup appeared as if the 220D was converted into a pickup using an acetylene torch and a disc cutter. However, the conversion was nearly perfect.

The additions to the Mercedes-Benz 220D appeared as if it was modified by a professional, including the bed featuring a tonneau and its El Camino-style shape. The design concept is quite unique since it combined two different vehicle variants as it blended elegance with utility.

Some images also showed the Lexus V8 engine under the hood of the converted 220D. However, Sedgefield Classic Cars did not give any details on the specific Lexus model the engine of the 220D was sourced. Since the converted 220D features an automatic transmission, it is safe to say that the Lexus model where the engine was sourced from also featured an automatic transmission. Sedgefield also did not give reveal the power output of the vehicle. Although the interior of the 220D seemed it needed some refurbishment, it still retains the feel of a vehicle from the German luxury vehicle manufacturer.

The price of the modified 220D is at 75,000 South African rand or around $6,850. This price is reasonable when the amount of work performed on it is taken into account. The paintwork and interior of the modified Mercedes-Benz 220D were described to have been done well and it reportedly drives well.

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