Mercedes S-Class Pullman Patent Filed with the EPO

Giancarlo Perlas August 6, 2014

Mercedes S-Class Pullman

A patent for the Mercedes S-Class Pullman has been filed to the European Patent Office. Based from the patents, the car is surely worthy to chauffeur ultra-VIP passengers like head of states or dictators who want to make their entrances grand every time that they are attending events.

Specifications of the Car

The Mercedes S-Class Pullman is an ultra-luxury variant of the flagship car of the three-pointed star brand. It is positioned on top of the hierarchy of the different S-Class versions, even going way beyond the long-wheelbase version of the range.

With the weight of the car, it is likely equipped with a 6.0-liter V12 biturbo engine capable of giving off 523 bhp and 612 lb-ft of torque. Basically, it will carry the same power available in the S600. However, the extra weight of the car should cause an extra-second lag in its acceleration compared to the S600. So, its sprint from zero to 50 mph must be around 6 seconds.

Car magazine estimates the length of the limousine to be somewhere along 1165 mm longer than the S600. The photos it provided showed a higher roof-line as well to accommodate people with towering head accessories.

Images of the Mercedes S-Class Pullman

Based on the source, these were the photos of the Mercedes S-Class Pullman, which were filed with the EPO:

Speaking of dictators, North Korea seems to have look-alikes of this car already. Two customized armored S600s, with more stretch, were spotted in a recent majestic military parade in Kim Jon Un’s turf. Check out the story here.

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