A Look at the Mercedes S-Guard

Giancarlo Perlas August 6, 2014


Being a political figure or head of state can cause somewhat of a headache, especially if that person has made several enemies along the way. The worst kind of headache that these people could get is a bullet or piece of shrapnel lodged in their skulls, if they ever survive the shot or blast aimed at them.

So, Mercedes-Benz has made sure that these individuals could get the best protection available to a luxury automobile by offering its signature armored vehicles such as the ML-based M-Guard and the G-Class-based G-Guard. In addition to these, the famous German marque officially revealed the Mercedes S-Guard recently according to Auto Express.

Travel Safe in Style

The new version of the Mercedes S600 will not only let its passengers travel in absolute class and style, but it will also protect them from specific types of bullets, grenade explosions and mine detonations. The source noted that it has a VR9 rating in terms of armor protection.

S600 owners who wish to enhance their cars into a Mercedes S-Guard could have their vehicles modified at a dedicated plant in Sindelfingen, Germany for around £150,000.

Maximum Protection Provided

The Mercedes S-Guard possesses thick bullet-proof armoring covering its entire panels and floor. Then, it replaces the standard fuel tank with a self-healing fuel cell to prevent gas leaks when the car is caught in an explosion or experiencing shockwaves. Next, the reinforced glass covering the windshield, side and rear windows of the Mercedes S-Guard are 10 mm thick. Moreover, the tires have a special pressure monitoring system that would let them travel for approximately 19 miles when damaged.

Can Blend in the Road

Mercedes said it retains the original S600 styling for the S-Guard in order to enable it to blend in with other vehicles effectively. The same engine specs and technological add-ons available to the S600 can be found in the armored car as well.

Examples of the technology it offers are the Driver Assistance package PLUS, 360-degree cameras, and AIR-BALANCE filtration system. The car can be fitted with optional opaque roller blinds, emergency fresh air system and panic alarm too.

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