Daimler DS 420 Abandoned in a Romanian Hotel

Giancarlo Perlas July 19, 2014
daimler ds 420

A Daimler DS 420 abandoned in a Romanian hotel. (Photo Source: Mail Online)

The Daimler DS 420 is a very rare car. In fact, only around 4,116 units of the vehicle were made from 1968 up to 1992. It has been a popular choice for royalties and other state dignitaries. Notably, it is one of the favorite autos of the British, Danish and Swedish royal houses.

The vehicle is equipped with a 4.2-liter petrol engine with an output of approximately 245 hp. Another version of it, which originally belonged to the Prince of Qatar, is currently listed for sale in a classic car website for around £35,000.00.

One of these rare and classic cars was left to rust in a hotel car park in Romania. According to Mail Online, the owner of the establishment claimed that it was abandoned when it failed to start during a royal trip of Prince Philip to Bucharest in 2001.

The hotel owner said that Prince Philip was on his way back then to a World Wildlife Fund meeting, wherein he was the president during that period. Hotel records showed that it belonged to the British embassy, but the owner stated that the embassy denied having to do with the car when asked about it.

Up to now, nobody has claimed the car. The hotel management mentioned that they made several attempts to contact the embassy about it to either request for the collection of the car or just transfer the car to them as whoever owned the car owed the hotel serious parking fees. There was no reply from the British embassy about the matter though.

The hotel owner was certain that the embassy must be avoiding embarrassment from the incident with Prince Philip that’s why it has been totally denying any involvement with the car.

daimler ds 420 orig

The Daimler DS 420 in all its glory.

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