Warning: Be Careful of Some Meet-and-Greet Services at Airports

Giancarlo Perlas June 22, 2014

meet-and-greet services at airports

Meet-and-greet services at airports may seem to be a good idea if you want to avoid all the hassles associated with looking for a safe parking space for your luxury vehicle. However, a recent investigation exposed some unruly practices of valets employed at several companies offering meet-and-greet services.

According to a Mail Online report, an investigation conducted by a consumer watchdog called “Which?” revealed a number of bad practices employed by professional chauffeurs. The probe involved planting surveillance devices on luxury cars which were handed over to valets at airports.

The gadgets were fitted with GPS and speed monitors. Among the noteworthy cars observed were the Mercedes-Benz SLK, Mercedes-Benz E250 and Porsche Boxster.

The probe involving the SLK revealed that its valet sped off from the airport terminal nearly double the 50 mph speed limit. It was later discovered that the professional chauffeur is employed at a company called Meteor Meet and Greet, which is based in Stansted, Essex. The exposé later resulted to the suspension of the personnel involved.

The next was the case of the Porsche Boxster at iPark Airport Parking at Heathrow, wherein the valet drove it at the speed of 88 mph on an airport road.

Fortunately, the mentioned cars were returned undamaged to their respective owners. But still, the thought of having someone drive your pride and joy for more than the prescribed speed limit is disconcerting.

The case of the Mercedes-Benz E250 was different. Despite its valet driving the car within the legal speed limit, it was discovered that it was parked in an industrial estate packed with a pile of car parts, a caravan and stacks of tyres.

The company involved in the latter is RS09, which promises its customers a “safe and secure storage area”. The scandal forced the company to remove the promotional car park image in its website that was considered by Which? as misleading to customers.

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