Megaphone Exhaust Attached to the Rear End of the W05

Giancarlo Perlas May 14, 2014
megaphone exhaust

Introducing the new megaphone exhaust concept of Mercedes F1 team. Photo Source: ESPN
© Sutton Images

The implementation of the new engine regulations definitely changed the landscape of the Formula One races this year. The evolution of the sport has particularly benefited Mercedes AMG Petronas, which resulted into a series of victories for the team.

However, one major setback seen by fans, even by F1 President and CEO Bernie Ecclestone, in the implementation of the new engine rules was the lack of noise of the cars. Ecclestone mentioned that he was “horrified” by the muffled sound of the race cars.

As a result, Mercedes developed a solution to the issue. Last week, it announced its new prototype that will address the call for more tailpipe noise.

When rumors circulated on the Internet that Mercedes would be attaching a megaphone to the rear end of the W05 as a solution, it sounded a bit funny. But then, it was finally confirmed and showed through a series of publications online.

It was a relief that Mercedes did a good job in fitting and designing the megaphone-type exhaust in the W05, which can be seen in the photo provided by ESPN above.

The megaphone exhaust prototype was experimented on yesterday at Barcelona during the in-season test.

Mercedes noted though that it was still a concept and not yet the end product. That means the F1 community can expect a better version of the megaphone exhaust in the future if the project comes into fruition.

After the test, the team went back to its usual tailpipe specification.

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