New Mercedes C-Class Guarantees an Allergy-Free Ride

Giancarlo Perlas April 16, 2014
allergy-free mercedes c-class

The allergy-free Mercedes C-Class. (Photo Source: MB Passion)

Mercedes-Benz is a very popular brand due to its performance, luxurious appeal, comfort and safety features. And speaking of “safety features”, the new Mercedes C-Class takes that phrase into another level.

According to a report from MB Passion, the new Mercedes C-Class recently received a Seal of Quality from the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation or ECARF. This is the latest model to be awarded the seal as it is also present in the other segments of the brand from the A-Class all the way to S-Class. The report noted that Mercedes-Benz is currently the only car maker to have received such seal.

The primary factor that determines whether a car should get the seal of ECARF or not is the vehicle’s air quality. The interior of the automobile should be free from allergens, and interior emissions should be at a minimum and tolerable levels only. The consistent presence of pleasant odor levels is also a must in ECARF’s criteria.

A series of tests is placed by ECARF on a vehicle to determine its inhalant and contact allergens. In addition, it has a team of olfactory specialists, which test the consistent presence of pleasant odor in vehicles.

Dr. Jörg Breuer, the Director Certification, Regulatory Affairs & Environment at Daimler AG, stated Mercedes has been focused on reducing the internal emissions of its vehicles since 1992. From then on, they were able to reduce it in a way that now complies with ECARF’s guidelines.

Breuer guaranteed everyone that Mercedes will continue producing allergy-free units from standard cars, roadsters, SUVs to passenger vehicles.

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