Russian Winter Olympics medalists get rewarded with Mercedes-Benz vehicles

Ryan Joseph Ramos February 28, 2014


The recently concluded 2014 Winter Olympics held in Sochi, Russia, saw the host country bag the overall crown on the strength of 33 medals: 13 gold medals, 11 silver, and nine bronze. Aside from getting cash, medal winners also received different Mercedes-Benz vehicles for their victories.

Bronze medalists received GLK-Class units worth around $59,500, while silver medalists took home ML-Class vehicles worth around $99,500. Of course, gold medalists got the best prize: a GL-Class SUV worth upwards of $146,500. All in all, the country provided 45 total vehicles for the athletes responsible for winning 33 medals.

That’s on top of the individual cash prizes also gifted to the medalists. Gold medalists receive $120,000, with silver medalists getting $76,000 and bronze medalists $52,000. President Vladimir Putin was on hand to present the cars to the Olympians.

The prizes are all really great and show incredible appreciation of athletes who gave their all for the pride of their country, but the generosity also hit a snag in some areas. By presenting winners with vehicles, it didn’t really take into consideration that some of them weren’t of legal age to have driver’s licenses.

No worries, though, as the underage medalists Adelina Stonikova (17) and Yulia Lipnitskaya (15) were also provided with personal drivers so that they will still be able to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

According to a report by The Moscow Times, Audi vehicles were handed out to winners after the 2012 London Olympics, courtesy of the Russian Olympians Foundation, which is a non-profit group spearheaded by businessmen. Looks like Russia’s upgraded the prizes for the Winter Olympics by going with Mercedes.

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