Analyst are Confident that New Mercedes Cars will Beat Rivals in 2014

Giancarlo Perlas February 15, 2014

new mercedes cars

A new report from Forbes indicated that analysts from known institutions such as Commerzbank, Macquarie Equities Research and Bernstein Research believe that Mercedes-Benz will outshine its rivals this 2014.

Daniel Schwarz of Commerzbank said that the revolutionary design of new Mercedes cars will continue to shift the market in the three-pointed star brand’s favor this year. He forecasted the new Mercedes C-Class will surely pose a tougher competition to the 3-series of BMW in its third year of production.

On the other hand, Macquiarie praised the rapid momentum build-up of Mercedes. The research firm stated that the new Mercedes cars under the C-Class will be a key profit margin and the volume driver of the brand this year up to the following year. The agency predicted that Mercedes will have an operating profit margin of approximately eight percent in 2014. Then, it will likely see a 10 percent figure in 2015.

Max Warburton, an analyst from Bernstein, aired a similar expectation with the other research firms. He mentioned in his interview with the source that the C-Class will be the game-changer in the luxury car segment which will possibly catapult Mercedes into the top once more.

Warburton pointed out that Mercedes hasn’t been able to compete with BMW in terms of volume, price or profit in the recent years. However, the new Mercedes cars in the C-Class are expected to change that. The analyst, referring to the new C-Class as “almost literally a mini S-Class”, possesses the best that our time has to offer in terms of technology, features, quality of materials and design.

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