Possible CEO Candidate of Daimler Leaves

Giancarlo Perlas January 28, 2014

andreas renschler is a possible CEO candidate of Daimler

According to the people within Daimler, board member Andreas Renschler is considered as a possible CEO candidate of Daimler to succeed Dr. Dieter Zetsche when his contract ends on 2016. So, it came as a shock to the company when the announcement of his resignation came.

Renschler’s Departure is a Huge Loss for Daimler

The 55-year old senior board member of the giant car and truck manufacturer has a good reputation within the company as he took charge f the manufacturing operations and procurement of Mercedes-Benz in April 2013 and he also spearheaded the global market expansion of Daimler trucks. His other key responsibilities include managing the establishment of plants for the Mercedes S-Class saloon and C-Class.

Dr. Zetsche expressed his regret over the sudden departure of Renschler from Daimler because of his major contributions to the company. He emphasized the fact that Renschler has been the man behind the worldwide expansion of their commercial vehicles.

Reason for Renschler’s Departure

A Daimler spokesperson was asked about the reason of the senior board member’s sudden exit from the company but he declined to comment on the matter. According to him, Renschler’s departure was personal in nature and it is not connected, in any way, to their operations at Daimler or a dispute within the company.

Schaefer and Poth Take Over the Former Duties of Renschler

Markus Schaefer, Mercedes’ current head of production planning, will take on the responsibilities left behind by Renschler in Mercedes production. The other duties of the senior board member in the Mercedes van unit will be handled by Wilfried Poth, the head of human resources of Daimler.

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  1. Andreas was a great guy and I think a very strong leader. I had the chance to work with him on several projects back in the 90’s. I think the biggest impact he had for the company as a whole was spearheading the launch of the M-Class in Alabama. First manufacturing facility outside Germany. Totally different workforce. Totally new product segment for Daimler-Benz (at the time) And for all intents and purposes it was a great success and kicked off years of new segment and product growth. I could totally have seen him taking the helm as CEO. I’m trying to think of who might be next, because they would ONLY pick from within.


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