Mercedes-Benz Showcases Its Car-to-X Communication

Peter Parcon October 19, 2013
Mercedes-Benz Showcases Its Car-to-X Communication

Mercedes-Benz Showcases Its Car-to-X Communication

The aim of Mercedes-Benz in providing the latest innovations in safe driving got a boost from its Car-to-X Communication system, as shown through the In addition to providing added safety to driving, the system also aims to enhance driving efficiency.

The company is expected to launch its series production vehicles using this sophisticated technology within the year. The system alerts drivers of potential dangers while driving, which will give them ample time to avoid or prevent an accident. In addition, drivers will also be given a heads-up on possible traffic problems on their way to their destination.

A network of wireless sensors is used by the technology to establish links between different vehicles. It will also utilize existing traffic infrastructure to ensure safe driving. The system will provide the vehicle the opportunity to monitor potential dangers before drivers see them. Among the potential road hazards that the system can detect are broken-down vehicles, dangerous road conditions, and wrong-way drivers.

Information is provided by the system from points that are beyond the field of vision of the driver, according to Dr. Christian Weiss, Mercedes-Benz Development Car-to-X Communication head. Conventional systems currently offered in the market do not provide this type of functionality to drivers.

The system is set to be deployed on the Drive Kit Plus of Mercedes-Benz. The kit combines a smartphone with a Digital DriveStyle application that converts vehicles into a transmitter and receiver of updated information. The information will be integrated into the assistance system that complements the Intelligent Drive strategy of the car, which will enhance efficiency and safety for all road users.

The Drive Kit Plus will facilitate the use of the system in virtually all series models of Mercedes-Benz. Nearly all existing car models can also be retrofitted with the Car-to-X Communication system of Mercedes-Benz.

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