Used Mercedes-Benz Cars Should Remain Popular

Ryan Joseph Ramos September 27, 2013


For a while now, Mercedes-Benz sales figures have been pretty good, with the German automaker getting some nifty record months, generally just selling a lot of cars all over the world. It’s a sign of economic recovery, although there’s still a lot going on globally as far as economies are concerned. That’s why it comes as no surprise that some analysts are still predicting an overall decline in new-car sales.

A more stable economy isn’t driving down the demand for used cars, with the UK’s British Car Auctions pegging the market at around $61.3 billion over there.  Meanwhile, results from used-car chains are supporting the upward trend in the US market as well.

Another organization reported a downward trend for new-car sales. According to TrueCar’s September forecasts, sales figures for new vehicle units should drop by 4.4 percent in the US from August, while year-on-year figures are estimated to fall 24.5 percent. Of course, the two fewer sales days September 2013 gets over 2012 also factors into that decline.

Prospective buyers are still keen on purchasing used cars because of the value they can get for certified units. They still get a guarantee of quality and coverage as far as maintenance and repair go, so the fact that it’s not brand-new is not that big a deterrent for many budget-conscious drivers. Especially when you count on the quality of Mercedes-Benz models.

So, where can you score excellent used cars? One good way is through the automaker itself. Mercedes-Benz has all sorts of used-car programs; you just need to check out your local dealership to see what offers are on the table. In addition, there are also a lot of online alternatives where you can pick out used Mercedes-Benz cars at huge discounts. Make sure you consider your budget carefully so you can make the right choice when picking out your ‘new’ used car.

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