Road Safety Enhanced With The Car-To-X Technology Of Mercedes-Benz

Peter Parcon June 18, 2013


Mercedes-Benz is setting a new standard in automobile technology with the “Intelligent Drive” strategy. The Car-to-X technology enhances communication between vehicles and between a vehicle and traffic infrastructure. The exchange of information through the technology will allow drivers to act on potential hazards before they encounter them, thereby reducing instances of accidents happening on the road. The technology is set to be introduced within the year.

The company is reiterating its custom of being a pioneer in safety with the launch of the Car-to-X technology, Prof. Dr. Thomas Weber of Daimler AG said.

The telematic horizon is enhanced by the technology, which reduces blind spots through the use of camera systems or radar. Drivers will have the capability of seeing beyond obstacles and around corners. The Car-to-X technology also contributes to improving mobility by providing accurate information about traffic conditions.

Vehicles are turned into information transmitters and receivers through the Digital DriveStyle application of Mercedes-Benz. The vehicles will transmit warnings about obstacles or road hazards around its vicinity. The warning message will be received by other drivers, who can make appropriate measures before they reach the location of the obstacles or road hazards.

Drivers will not be distracted by the transmission of the warning messages since the real-time communication issued by the Car-to-X technology works in the background.

Aside from providing its vehicles with the technology, Mercedes-Benz is also collaborating with stakeholders in the industry. Motorway maintenance vehicles along with police and emergency service vehicles may also be equipped with the technology to further enhance its performance.

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