St. Louis Resident Scammed Out Of A Mercedes-Benz Trade

Giancarlo Perlas May 4, 2013

A resident in Lt. Louis found himself in the wrong end of a bargain. Rob Combs thought he was in for a good deal with his Mercedes-Benz because he was offered a good price for it. However, little did he know that he would become a victim of a scam.

It all started in Central West End last Thursday night when Combs met with a man named David L. Smith, who was posing as buyer to his Mercedes. According to Combs, he found the buyer on a website called victim recalled that nothing seemed to be wrong while they were transacting because the man was very much willing to provide him answers to his questions and he also gave a proof of his identity like his driver’s license.

Now, this is the part where Combs got screwed. The man who went by the last name Smith gave him a cashier’s check as payment. But since it was already way past banking hours, all Combs was able to do was verify that the account of the man existed. He immediately gave the keys to his car and the man took off with it.

The next day, the seller was in for a surprise when there is no money in the account. He tried calling the buyer but the phone he was calling was left unanswered. He immediately reported his SUV as stolen.The exchange was captured by a surveillance camera in the area.

The surveillance video is being used to track down the con artist who cheated Combs. The victim is also offering a $1,000 for anyone who could pinpoint the whereabouts of the con artist or his SUV.

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