Mercedes-Benz to Use QR Code for Rescue Efforts

Ryan Joseph Ramos May 23, 2013

Mercedes-Benz is set to use a QR code, which will be placed on its cars, in order to aid rescue efforts of any injured occupant in case there is an accident. This initiative aims to make any rescue efforts faster, safer, and more efficient.

Basically, the QR code will be scanned by a smartphone or tablet. After that, the mobile device will display a rescue map for any vehicle type, and this map will show the info needed for a speedy rescue.

This rescue map is based off ADAC rescue sheets, which are provided for all car models and are made available by every automotive manufacturer. With this info, rescue workers will have access to the specific design schematics needed to find the best way to rescue anyone still in the vehicle.

Mercedes-Benz sees this technology as critical because, in accidents, every second counts. With fast and reliable access to the model-specific data sheets, precious time is saved.

The QR code will be placed on all new Mercedes-Benz vehicles from the current year. There will be two QR code stickers provided for each car: one to be placed on the fuel tank flap, and the other on the opposite side’s B-pillar. These locations are rarely damaged at the same time, according to the German automaker, which is why the company decided to put the stickers there.

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