Hamilton Not Yet 100 Comfortable with His Mercedes F1 Car

Giancarlo Perlas May 28, 2013

F1 Lewis Hamilton Pit Stop Malaysian Grand Prix

In a statement of Lewis Hamilton with Aljazeera, he is not concerned at all if Mercedes-Benz will be pulled away by the Formula One council to explain their side of the story regarding their alleged “secret tyre test”. He said that it is the team’s problem and not a personal issue. However, he did say during the aftermath of the Monaco Grand Prix that he has to focus on himself and get himself together for the race.

According to the young Briton, he felt that he is not yet completely comfortable with the new car he is driving. He commented that he noticed the feeling during his test runs before the season and even while he was already on the Australian Grand Prix.

Hamilton pointed out that he got so familiar with the McLaren car after driving it for many years that when he started driving the car of Mercedes, it was like a whole new thing for him again. He explained that the brake cylinders, steering wheel and other parts of the car are much different than what he got used to.

He admitted that it is the factor that has been affecting him all throughout the races since the start of the season. Therefore, the problem is not really with the engineers, the tyres or other stuff. It is really about being comfortable in the car and being confident with it. So far, his less than 100 percent confidence is the problem and he is struggling to solve it, he added.

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