Button Says Even without the Controversial Tire Test, Mercedes Would Still Win

Giancarlo Perlas May 29, 2013

Jenson Button McLaren

Jenson Button was positive that the controversial “secret testing” of Mercedes-Benz has nothing to do with the team’s win when Nico Rosberg bagged the win in the recent Monaco Grand Prix.

In the report of NBC Sports, Button said that the team did a great job. He added that even without the heavily talked about tire test, they would still have won the race.

In his statement, he speculated that the other teams that protested only wanted clarification because they only wanted to have their own 1,000km run to understand the new tires.

The Mercedes and Pirelli Side

On the part of Mercedes and Pirelli, both companies have stood firm that they have obtained FIA permission before the conduct of the test.

The FIA Side

On the other hand, the FIA cleared out that they allowed the testing provided that the other teams should be invited as well. But this is something that the other parties involved omitted.

The FIA Flaw

In my own opinion, the FIA should also be the one to blame. They should have made sure that there is an ample time for the invitation to be spread before approving the testing. Then, they should have at least one representative during the conduct of the testing. It is clear that there is a flaw in terms of monitoring the implementation of their rules in the part of FIA.

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