Nein, Says AMG On Diesel Engines

Emmanuel P April 13, 2013



With BMW and Audi putting out sporty models powered by diesel engines, it wouldn’t have been much of a surprise to see Mercedes follow suit. But AMG has officially thumbed down diesels as an option on cars that bear its logo. This is a breath of fresh air for enthusiasts who have lately seen iconic brands, such as BMW’s M, being watered down for the sake of marketing.

Mercedes-AMG Chairman Ola Kallenius intimated that while “”We should never say never to a diesel or anything else, I cannot see a circumstance that would change that possibility for us. We are not changing the AMG brand to accommodate diesels.” The AMG chairman further added that whatever advantages diesels have in terms of fuel economy, this gap is growing smaller with each technological leap forward. Furthermore, no amount of diesel engine development can match the aggressiveness and sound quality of a well-tuned petrol engine.

And with regard to AMG’s top-of-the-line 6.3-liter V12, Kallenius has revealed that the powerplant will be available for another five or six years, despite the pressures and difficulties of producing such a politically-incorrect beast. With such words coming from its chairman, is it any wonder that AMG has gained incredible traction and credibility as a serious performance brand?

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