SLS-Inspired Powerboat Revealed

Giancarlo Perlas February 20, 2013


The world’s most powerful powerboat is out and it will be unveiled at the upcoming Miami International Boat Show.

Okay, you might be scratching your head while wondering why we are featuring a speedboat on a Mercedes-Benz website. I mean, there is a big and obvious difference between a land vehicle and a water vehicle right?

Well, the reason why we are featuring Cigarette Racing’s newest boat is because it is inspired by the yellow Mercedes-Benz SLS Electric Drive. The manufacturer of the boat even painted the AMG logo on its side and front. The developer even imitated the sports seats of the car.

And it’s not just the design. Even the engine power is made to match the car’s reputation on the road. The boat is capable of giving off a total output of 2221 hp and 2212 lb-ft of torque that will make the SLS’ 740 hp engine shy away from it. Then, it can pick up as much as 99 mph in terms of speed.

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