Definitely not a Good Day to Park in Edinburgh

Giancarlo Perlas February 2, 2013


There are many of us who purposely ignore parking signs or warnings. Now, here’s a good example of what happens when you insist on parking in an area which is prohibited.

According to the latest story of Sky News, a Mercedes-Benz found itself stranded in an island of asphalt after the driver persisted to park the vehicle in the cordoned section of Edinburgh Waverly car park which is set to be renovated the following day.

A Network Rail representative stated that the area has been barricaded so that it could be resurfaced and for them to be able to place additional lighting. However, they were surprised the next day when they found the blue Mercedes parked in the middle of the site.

This did not hinder the construction crew from proceeding with their jobs though. They dug the surface around the deserted vehicle but they were nice enough to leave a ramp to serve as its exit.

The photo of the marooned car was captured on camera by Alice Robertson and it immediately made its way to Twitter with a caption that said, “Not a good day to park in the Edinburgh Waverley car park.”

The construction is a part of the £100 million renovation project of Network Rail.

This situation raises a lot of auto insurance questions for an inquiring mind. What would happen if the car was damaged during construction work? Who would pay for the damages? According to these questions highlight the need to find a good vehicle insurance provider. It is explained that companies can take the situation from all sorts of angles and make it difficult for the policyholder to claim.

If a vehicle insurer wants to get out of the claim for such damages they could look into why the driver parked the car right in the middle of cordoned area. They could blame the driver for knowingly placing his auto in the harm’s way, hoping it would get damaged and he would be able to get money from insurance. If they go this route, policyholder would have a hard time explaining why all the construction signs were ignored. You cannot knowingly leave the vehicle in front of an imminent danger. As the owner you have to take due care.

On the other hand, most reputable insurers would look to compensate the losses suffered by their policyholders. This approach will make them lean towards giving the benefit of doubt to the driver in this case. As a result, they would not make it hard to settle the claim and look elsewhere for recouping their money. For example, they could go after the insurers of the construction company for causing the damage. That may be why the construction crew was careful not to damage the automobile in this picture.

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