5 Tips to Help You Avoid Filing a UK Car Insurance Claim

Muamer Hodzic February 13, 2013


No driver wants to file a claim on their UK car insurance policy. Filing a claim inevitably means that damage has been done to your car, that you have caused damage to someone else’s car or both. While insurance may pay for most of your expenses, you will still need to pay your excess. More than that, you may have to live without your car until your own vehicle is repaired, and this can be a true inconvenience. There is simply nothing wonderful about filing a claim on your policy. Here are a few tips to follow that can help you to reduce the need to file a claim.

1. Slow Down

Everyone is in a hurry to get to a desired destination at some point in their lives. You may normally drive at the posted speed limit, but one day, you may be running late for work. Perhaps you get frustrated with driving at the posted speed limit and regularly drive faster. The fact is that the posted speed limit is in place for your safety. It takes into account road conditions like sharp curves in the road, traffic and other factors that you may not be aware of. With the introduction of the little black box, those who have this installed will truly reap the rewards of lower cost insurance as it will be able to track the average speed, distance etc.

2. Be a Friendly Driver

It has been proven that aggressive drivers are more likely to be involved in car accidents. Driving courteously simply involves allowing others to change lanes in front of you, yielding when necessary and taking other similar steps. These steps can help you to avoid accidents and arrive at your location in a better mood.

3. Follow Road Signs

Just as posted speed limit signs are in place to promote safety, other signs are also in place for the same reason. Keep your eyes open for these signs as you drive, and heed the warnings, suggestions and rules they indicate.

4. Keep Your Tyres Properly Inflated

Car maintenance is critical to your safety on the road. Over-inflated or under-inflated tyres can affect your ability to slow down or stop your vehicle quickly, and they can also affect traction, the likelihood of a tyre blowout and other factors. It is wise to check the air pressure in your tyres at least once per month.

5. Check Your Brakes Regularly

You should also make an effort to check your brakes on a regular basis. The thickness and condition of your brakes will affect your ability to slow down, stop or otherwise avoid having an accident.

Filing a UK car insurance claim is not a desired event for any driver. It can be a costly headache, so you should take every step possible to be safe on the roads and reduce your risk of needing to file a claim.

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