Open-air Motoring In An SLS AMG Coupe

Emmanuel P January 22, 2013

sls_openAlthough today’s SLS AMG isn’t as unique for having its gullwing doors as its original predecessor the 300SL, said doors give the SLS AMG its hallmark style. Anyone who rolls in an SLS AMG definitely has a sense of style, not to mention a healthy dose of gray matter for being able to afford one.

Which makes it a tad puzzling why the occupants of this car saw fit to open the gullwing doors of the SLS they were in. A bit of reckless abandon perhaps? Life is good and all that? Maybe checking out if they could produce some lift? All in the spirit of fun, we suppose, as this was done during a rally of sorts involving other luxury sports cars. Whatever the reason, we can say that now, we’ve seen the SLS AMG with its (gull) wings up in the air at speed, and it looks rather ungainly. Maybe we can remind these car’s occupants that next time, an SLS AMG Roadster is available to give them windblown hair to their hearts’ content.

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