Mercedes-Benz Ener-G-Force Provides a Glimpse of the Future

Giancarlo Perlas December 23, 2012

The Mercedes-Benz G-Class has been known as a top choice for armed forces and law enforcements all around the world. This is because of its tough armor, powerful engine, off-road capabilities and other advantageous features.

Over the years, the G-Class has undergone facelifts, updates and boosts to enhance its design, performance and functionality. These features are continuously introduced in order to meet the ever changing demands of the world.

In the recent LA Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz unveiled its new car of the future, the Ener-G-Force. The new G-Class offers a sleeker, more defined and futuristic design that looks like it has been plucked straight from a Hollywood film.

And it’s not just the design that makes the Ener-G-Force the new car of the future, it features four engines which are independently placed above each wheel to provide it enough power to climb sloping landscapes. Not only that, this car also has a topography scanner that adjusts the suspension according to the terrain.

In addition, the Mercedes-Benz of the future even presents a fuel-efficient alternative. It actually runs on hydrogen fuel cells from recycled water which is processed by its Hydrotech Converter. Theoretically, this would enable it to run for 500 miles.

Here is a glimpse of Mercedes-Benz’s vision of the future:

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