Types of Car Insurance Cover

Muamer Hodzic November 16, 2012

Car insurance or auto insurance is a useful legal document for any Mercedes-Benz owner to have. This insurance cover will protect anyone against a range of damages and problems, and would also minimise any impact that would possibly happen when the car gets damaged or repaired. Countries, such as the United States, will have different insurance cover policies across the different states, but it is easy to understand the types of car insurance by looking at each one in some depth.

Liability Car Insurance Cover

Liability car insurance cover comes into play when an individual’s car causes damage or death to someone else’s life or property. For instance, there could be some bodily injury or damage to property. These kinds of damages are covered by liability car insurance cover. Some of the specific aspects that are covered here include medical expenses, legal fees, loss of income and damage to physical property.

Collision Car Insurance Cover

As the term denotes, this kind of car insurance covers only collisions caused by different sources. This could include collision with another car or vehicle of some kind, a collision with an immovable object, like an electric pole or tree. In some cases, it could also include a case of vehicle rollover.

Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover

For every other reason that leads to damage to a vehicle – where collision is not the cause of damage – there is comprehensive car insurance cover to take care of things. Damage or loss caused because of natural disasters, theft of the vehicle, collision with an animal or even vandalism are covered by this car insurance cover.

Personal Injury Protection

Though not a direct insurance for the car per se, this kind of insurance is related to the person sustaining injuries and damages due to an accident caused by a Mercedes-Benz. Such insurance cover can help pay for loss of income, rehabilitation and even funeral expenses in case of fatalities.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist

Car insurance comes in handy, especially in case of an accident caused by an individual who does not have liability insurance. This kind of insurance is known as uninsured motorist insurance coverage. Sometimes, injury can be caused by someone who does not have adequate insurance coverage and an underinsured motorist insurance coverage can be very useful under such circumstances.

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