Used Mercedes-Benz Cars are Worth Considering

Ryan Joseph Ramos October 26, 2012
VCARS Used Convertible Market Analysis

A big part of the world is still in the process of recovering from the financial crunch seen in recent times, and one of the industries most affected by this is the automotive industry. This can be seen in Daimler’s recent announcement that it would be cutting its projected annual profit by around 11 percent. That said, while automakers such as Mercedes-Benz are affected immensely by this economic crunch, car owners and prospective buyers are also affected.

This is why the used-car segment is turning into a more viable option for many. If you’re thinking of hitting up a dealer that specializes in used cars, you could do a lot worse than a second-hand or pre-owned Mercedes. These are not only top-quality alternatives, but also ones that offer excellent performance and sleek looks. For those reasons, Mercedes-Benz vehicles remain popular choices for used vehicle buyers.

This infographic from used-car site VCARS shows us that, while Mercedes-Benz convertibles aren’t among the list of most expensive units available, the SLK has remained a popular choice for prospective buyers of used convertible vehicles in the United Kingdom. Mercedes-Benz was able to top the charts in 2009-10 (15.8 percent) as well as in 2010-11 (14.2 percent), although it took a backseat to Audi thanks to the strong used-car sales performance of the TT this year (Mercedes still nabbed 12.9 percent).

In the US, some used-car dealers are reporting revenues slotted somewhere between the domestic and import used-car segments. That’s because luxury vehicles like Mercedes cars retain a lot of value. Mercedes vehicles also come with an excellent reputation for quality and reliability, very important aspects combined with great looks, versatility, and exclusivity. And although supply is getting ahead of the demand—which prompts dealers to slash prices a bit more for their line of used vehicles—these vehicles remain excellent options for people with a tight budget. If you can get a Mercedes-Benz for a considerably affordable price, it’s a good investment.

What about you? Do you consider a used Mercedes-Benz vehicle a good investment that offers great value? Don’t hesitate to sound off in the comments!

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