The new Mercedes Benz hybrid vehicle

Muamer Hodzic October 10, 2012

In recent years, the market for hybrid and electric cars has grown considerably, with most of the big-name manufacturers trying to enter the field. Mercedes-Benz is just one of them, and they have brought out a new model to try and compete with the likes of the Toyota Prius. The E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID was built in order to combine efficiency and performance, and is geared at an audience who want luxury and speed as well as good fuel economy. Its top speed is 150mph, has 204bhp, fuel economy of 67mpg and comes in saloon and estate models.

Combining the best of both worlds for motorists who want fun and function, the E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID has received positive reviews, not least from ex-rally driver Mick Linford, who managed to drive the car from Newquay Airport to Wick Airport without having to refuel once. This alone suggests that this car could prove to be popular with people wanting luxury as well as economy.

While Mercedes-Benz’s entry into this market is welcome, especially with a model that’s far removed from the range of hybrid city cars, why are hybrid cars becoming more popular? There are several reasons why this is the case, but the main one is lower running costs. It’s no secret that the cost of fuel is continuing to rise, and with falling living standards, it’s becoming more expensive to fill up a petrol or diesel-reliant vehicle. Hybrids rely on fuel and electricity, which is much cheaper than just fuel.

Also, there’s the fact that, in some countries, incentives are offered for going green with hybrids such as reduced tax costs, while there are signs that more people are interested in buying more environmentally-friendly vehicles instead of inefficient gas-guzzlers. Hybrid cars might seem expensive to buy, with the E 300 BlueTEC HYBRID costing around the £40,000 mark, but in the long term, it might be worth deciding to sell your car with in order to raise the funds for one.

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