Invisible B-Class F-Cell Glides Through Hamburg

Emmanuel P September 24, 2012

For now, invisibility is a holy grail sci-fi aficionados, military engineers and probably the rest of the world’s population. But plenty to attempts to fool the eye have been made, and the latest  here is  an attempt by a Hamburg studio to use the appeal of invisibility to build up the B-Class F-Cell’s positive attributes.  Showing some creative thinking to portray how the F-Cell is invisible to the environment, the studio proceeded to literally cloak the B-Class F-Cell with a magnetic cloth embedded with LEDs. The whole of the car was covered, including the wheel cutouts.

But this was only the first part of the process, the LED controller was then connected to a laptop which used special software to control the LEDs embedded in the magnetic cloth. To effect the illusion of invisibility, a Canon EOS camera was mounted at the level of the front passenger door. The image captured by the camera could then be projected to the driver’s side of the car, thus showing whatever background the F-Cell was passing through.

Obviously, the human eye cannot be so easily fooled with such electronic gimmickry. But in capturing the attention of pedestrians and motorists as it glides along, the message that the F-Cell is invisible to the environment is passed on.

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