Mercedes Spoke About the Poor Crash Rating of the new Mercedes C-Class

Clarissa August 17, 2012

A new frontal crash test was developed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety and most luxury cars; including Mercedes-Benz did not get a good grade.

According to CBS News, the test is designed to simulate what happened in a collision with a car, a pole or tree. At 40 miles per hour and at 25% of car’s front end, the cars are bumped into a barrier. In this test, only 3 out of 11 cars got a good grade while Mercedes earned poor score.

Mercedes-Benz head of Accident Research, Dirk Ockel, spoke to Spiegel about the issue and he said, “The test does not correspond to the real accident, a collision on headlight width is statistically according to our data is not significant”. He further explained, “When two cars collide so they hook themselves into each other. If you had put on the corner of a deformable obstacle corner, the results would probably realistic. Of course we will deal with it because either way, customers are confused by the results. ”

This result may affect buying decisions, but for sure, Mercedes will find a way to make more explanation about the issue. We’ll let you know when they release more statement.

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  2. No need to cover up and face the reality

    mercedes is just talking crap.

    excuse after excuse

    why other cars can achieve while Mercedes had to create crap stories to inform the consumers that their cars are safe when there is a sign of weakness in their car safety design . Even the 2nd generation c class did very badly in crash testing those days back then (1999) .

    Why can’t German car makers create a car as safe as a Volvo when they only know is handling and power ( which is of no use in certain countries ) while the basic necessity of family car criteria like better safety , reliability and durability ( most important ) is not their priority. I’ll think twice now before buying any German make cars whether so called premium or non premium.( does not matter anymore ).

    To me Mercedes is no longer a premium brand nowadays even they still want to brag on to be . A lot of cars are better built than mercedes nowadays . As a fact in term of durability and comfiort , mercedes is much better than any BMW. BMW ( is only about handling and power which is of no use to a family user ) had lots of electronics problem and is not that durable and reliable compare to others. BMW is not a dream car anymore .


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