Hitler-Owned Mercedes-Benz Car Bought Over the Internet?

Ryan Joseph Ramos July 9, 2012

How often would you get to buy a Mercedes-Benz car owned by Adolf Hitler over the Internet? That’s exactly what Zenop Tuncer, owner of a vehicle repair shop in Edgewater, New Jersey, claims to have done after he purchased a 1942 Mercedes 320 Cabriolet D.

According to the previous owner of the vehicle, an Ohio collector, he didn’t know that this was exactly a car made for Hitler. He said that the car came over from the war, and it was his grandfather that brought it to US shores.

Tuncer then purchased it online for Fred Daibes, a real estate developer who actually wanted a 540K model. Tuncer called up Mercedes-Benz to get some parts, issued the reference numbers, and then got a heads-up to look for an eagle with a swastika icon. And there it was.

Tuncer’s shop specializes in the restoration of classic vehicles, but it might be that the car would end up unaltered. “I would not touch the car,” said Tuncer. “I would keep it the original way. It has a story on it.”

According to Daibes, it was Mercedes-Benz that confirmed a bunch of these cars were made specifically for Hitler. One spokesman for the automaker, however, questioned the legitimacy of the claim. “Someone claims something that they think they have, to make something more of the vehicle,” said Adam Paige.

In addition, it is said that the 320 isn’t a car fit for the top man of the Nazi party; for example, Hermann Goring had a specialized 540K Roadster, and Hitler could be seen in parades driven around on higher-end models such as the 770. Of course, it could be a fleet car used by some lesser general or official.

No matter if the car really has a connection to the Nazis or not, the whole thing still makes for a fascinating story. We’ll keep you posted on further developments on this matter if and when they become available.

Source: WCBS

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